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  • fantastic

    Love it. Comfortable. Friendly. Relaxing and simply fantastic! review

  • Honeymoon heaven
    Honeymoon heaven

    A fantastic choice for our honeymoon

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    An exquisite place to stay 

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    The most beautiful place we've ever stayed

    Lauren review 

  • beautiful

    Lovely quiet location, beautiful view and relaxed atmosphere review 

  • fantastic location
    fantastic location

    Fantastic location very close to Sairree beach

    Harry M   Trip Advisor review

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    Gorgeous settings, friendly helpful staff.

    Helga   Trip Advisor review

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    good value

    Ridiculously good value

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    Bedrooms and bathrooms are well appointed and spacious 

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    The beds with softest mattresses and pillows were a treat  

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    Complete privacy

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    It was simply sublime

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    The room was paradise! 

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    The staff were superb

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Koh Tao is a small island so nothing is very far away. The south side of the island is slightly more inaccessible so you will often need to travel by taxi or taxi boat to reach some of the bays on that side. Our staff will be happy to advise you and organise transport.

Koh Tao translates as Turtle Island, because in the past the waters teemed with sea turtles. Although now not as abundant they can still be seen in the waters around the island.

But it’s not just the turtles that attract visitors to Koh Tao. With its haven of unspoiled beauty, and relaxed life-style it’s a must as a place to visit.

From 1933 the island was used as a political prison because of its far distance from the mainland but in 1947 all the prisoners were returned to the mainland and the development of today’s island community started.

Stunning beaches and amazing marine life and coral reefs makes Koh Tao one of the major dive sites in Thailand and SE-Asia, attracting beginners and professionals alike. The island is not as commercialised as its larger sister island of Koh Samui. 

au leuk
au leuk
charm churee
charm churee
freedom beach
freedom beach
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hin wong
jansom bay
jansom bay
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june juea
koh nang yuan
koh nang yuan
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liam thain
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mae haad
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mango bay
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sai daeng
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sai nuan
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tanote bay
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thian og bay
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Koh Tao beaches

A. Sairee Beach This is the beach nearest to Anankhira. Facing almost due west it is the best place on the island for watching stunning sunsets. Head here for if you're looking for fun and entertainment.  

B. Nang Yuan The famous hour-glass island with the ‘Japanese Gardens’ coral only 400 metres off Koh Tao.  It requires a short boat trip and can get very busy. The dive site is known as Japanese Gardens, the coral is a wonderment of colours and shapes. Snorkelling is fantastic.

C. Mango Bay After Sairee Mango Bay is our favourite but it is only accessible by taxi boat. Sandy shallow areas, beautiful shallow coral, deeper rock dives along the shoreline. Fortunately the bay is large enough to cope with the many boats that moor up there.

D. Hin Wong Bay One of the more remote bays on Koh Tao. Clear warm water, seclusion and dramatic scenery provides for an outstanding experience. This part of the island shelves rapidly so is a good site for confident and capable swimmers to snorkel. 

E. Liam Thain  A very small bay or cape offers great snorkelling and scuba diving. Snorkelling around the rocks can be rewarding and equipment can be rented here, together with kayaks.  

F. Tanote Bay Access can be difficult but you will see an abundance of barred rabbit fish, sergeant fish and tripletail wrasse - definitely recommended for snorkeling. Rocks divide the beach which is a coarse type of sand so wear flip flops!

G. Ao Leuk Fins, masks, snorkels and kayaks are available for hire here. The snorkelling is wonderful.Look especially for turtles you might also catch a glimpse of Blue Ringed Angel Fish and the stunning lined butterfly fish.

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Chumphon Pinnacle. Advanced divers.

Located 11km to the north west of Koh Tao and is considered by many, as the best dive site in the region. Made up from one huge granite pinnacle and a series of smaller ones, Chumphon's main difference to Sail Rock is that the pinnacle starts 14m underwater and drops off to over 36m. Granite Pinnacles and Boulder Formations A Few Assorted Soft & Hard Corals Whalesharks, Batfish, Jacks, Anemone Fish Mild to Moderate Currents 10 to 30 Meters.  Chumphon, like Sail Rock, is covered with sea anemones and pink anemone fish. You'll find shoals of barracuda and schools of Jacks and Bat Fish. Some of the most impressive groupers in the Gulf can be found at this site as well as seasonal visits from large pelagic's such as Whale Sharks and Mantas.

Shark Island. Divers of all levels.

Granite Island Extensive Soft and Hard Corals, Sweetlips, Neon Damsel, Butterfly Fish. Mild to Strong currents. 10 to 30 metres visibility. All levels of divers. Located just off the Southeast coast of Koh tao, Shark Island is one of the most popular dive sites in the area. Depths range from 28m and above at the southern tip to the surface, and at the deeper depths you may find Leopard and Reef Sharks. At the shallow end you'll find beautiful gardens of vividly colourful corals and anemones and at high tide it is even possible to cross from one side of the southern island to the other. This site offers a great range of fish including the Blue Ringed Angel, Long Fin Banner and if you are lucky the odd resident Hawskbill Turtle. Huge boulders and rock formations give this site a great topography.

Green Rock. Adventurous or novice divers - in the shallows only.

Boulder Formations & Swimthroughs Assorted Hard & Soft Corals Turtles, Triggerfish, Long Fin Banner Fish Slight to Moderate Currents 8 to 25 Meters Visibility Advanced Divers. Between 1 and 28m deep, this site consists of boulder formations that offer an array of safe short tunnels and swim-throughs. These features make this dive site one of the most fascinating sites around Koh Tao. Green Rock gives you the chance to see beautiful parrot fish feeding on the main pinnacle close to the surface as well as White Eyed Moray's and Blue Spotted Rays deeper amongst the rocks. Hawksbill Turtles can also be seen and as always, keep a wary eye on the Triggerfish that nest in the sand.

South West Pinnacle. Advanced Divers.

Broken Granite Pinnacles A Few Soft And Hard Corals Whalesharks, Reef Sharks, Large Groupers Slight to Moderate Currents 10 to 25 Meters Visability Advanced DiversThis dive site ranges from 30 to 5m deep. Southwest is dived less then some of the other sites around Koh Tao and so it is quite possible you will be on the only dive boat at the site. The dive site itself consists of a series of steep pinnacles rising from the sandy seabed & offers an ample variety of marine life. Around the outside of South West Leopard Sharks can be seen asleep on the sand as well as Blue Spotted Rays. There is the usual range of colorful tropical marine life such as Butterflyfish and Blueringed Angelfish. Pelagic’s such as Jacks, Barracuda & the occasional Whaleshark can often be seen as well as it is one of the deeper water sites which makes it popular with the bigger pelagics also.




Four private villas, sea views, private pools. 

 Upper Villa

Two bed apartment, private entrance, sea view, private terrace & pool. 




Studio with private entrance, sea view and balcony.