Koh Tao Charities





In 2002, Anankira owner Jayne made their first visit to the island. They were so appalled at the condition of the stray animals on Koh Tao that they decided to do something about it. They set up UK registered charity Noistar Thai Animal Rescue Foundation and with the help of the islanders they opened a not-for-profit veterinary clinic on the island in 2004. This is now one of the most successful small animal rescue centres in Thailand.





Noistar Thai Animal Rescue Foundation clinic on Koh Tao




Since then the clinic has carried out over 11,000 treatments and now has a resident Thai Vet and Veterinary Assistant who are supported by volunteers from around the world. Noistar is a WSPA Member Society. Each year a percentage of the profits from Anankhra goes to the clinic.







Visitors are very welcome and you may even want to spend a day or two helping out. For more information please visit the clinic website.








Secret garden conservation centre Koh Tao, Thailand



Koh Tao's first environmental conservation centre and bar. If you love nature, freedom and space, you need to pay this place to visit. Enjoy nature, celebrate freedom and help conservation. Find out about charity events and other conservation activities both present and future projects. Have a game of football or volleyball with friends. Sip the drink and enjoy the stunning valley, anything you do hear contributes to conservation. 




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