We do not hire motorbikes. Renting a motorbike anywhere in Thailand can be a bit risky and we strongly advise against it - with the bad roads, loose sand and crazy taxi drivers it can be a dangerous experience. Motorbikes do seem cheaper than taxis but damaged bikes and bodies cost a lot in money and stress – look around and you will see many people with bandages or scars!


Helmets are the law here too, even though you will see many locals driving without one, you can risk at the very least being stopped and fined by the police and at the worst getting serious head injuries as a result of an accident.


There is no insurance on these bikes. If you don't have an international driving permit for a motorbike you may find that your own insurance is invalid. You will be asked to leave your passport - you must pay for any damages or else you won’t get your passport back.


So, if you must hire one, make sure you look over your bike carefully, note any damages with the hirer and take photographs, and be seen to be taking photographs too, before you drive off. Make sure you understand how much each item will cost to repair. Then most importantly GO CAREFULLY. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.


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